Exotic Fruit Trees and Plants For sale in BULL CREEK, Western Australia for sale

Exotic Fruit Trees and Plants For sale
Exotic Fruit Trees and Plants For sale
Exotic Fruit Trees and Plants For sale
Exotic Fruit Trees and Plants For sale

Price starts from $10
Hi below are the trees that i have available for sale
Avocado Grafted
Acerola Cherry
Banana- lady finger-
Black pepper vine- piper nigrum
Betel Leaf
Chinese Emperor jasmine-Chinese Emperor Jasmine: one of the most intoxicating aromas of the Jasminium Family. The floral display will emit a delicate aroma which will stimulate your senses throughout spring and summer. The flowers are also used to flavour jasmine tea.
Cardamon ginger: the leaves are used in desserts, to add flavour when steaming rice or used to wrap fish. Leaves are also delicious when infused to make spiced tea's, infuse one cardamon leaf, two sticks of lemon grass and one chopped chilli for a winter warmer.
Chestnut-advanced trees- fruiting at the moment
Carob: is aslo called fake chocolate tree due to its similarities to cocoa in taste and texture
Custard apple-grafted
Dwarf Grafted Avocado
Dwarf Coffee
Dwarf Custard apple
Dwarf Grafted Mangoes- small tree, bearing full-size mangoes, perfect for pots and small gardens.
Dwarf lime
Dwarf orange
Darf Lemon
Dwarf mandarin
Dwarf black english mulberry
Dwarf Persimmon
Durian - the king of fruits
Feijoa- Pine-apple guava
Finger Lime - pink flesh
Jamun/ Jabolan
Guava (Indian Guava): white flesh, large and sweet
Guava- hawaian- advanced tree
Guava: Straw Berry Guava
Guava- Hawaian- advanced tree-fruiting at the moment
Guava- mexican cream- advanced trees
Grumichama: This fruit is the tropical equivalent of the cherry and just as difficult to resist. Purple black fruit are borne in clusters which are like cherries with soft, melting, sweet flesh and delicious eaten fresh. The sweet white flesh is highly prized for jams, jellies and pies. The tree crops very well in Perth climate
Kaffir Lime
Langsat Duku - Lansium domesticum- sweet, juicy and highly regarded in asia, very rare trees
Lemon- myer and eureka
Lemonade- sweet lemon
Lemon Iron Bark
Longan (Marcotted)
Lychee- marcotted
Peanut Tree
Pawpaw- self pollinating
Purple mangosteen- one of the most exotic and delicious fruits
Ice Cream Bean Plant
Mangoes -grafted-
Miniature pear, peach, nectarine trees grow to only 1.5m, full-size fruits, excellent for pots and small gardens
Multigrafted Apple
Multigrafted Apricot
Multigrafted Nashi Pear
Multigrafted Nectarine
Multigrafted Peach
Multigrafted Pear
Multigrafted Plum
Orange berry - sweet little berries which have a similar taste to honey
PassionFruit- sunshine special- $5
Pandan plant - Nutty Fragrant leaves used in asian cooking.
Peanut Butter tree: small tree, beautiful yellow flowers, the red fruit tastes very much like peanut butter hence it is named peanut butter tree
Perfume fruit:is a very rare and endangered tree from South East Asia. The small brown fruit are borne on the lower trunk and have a mango-like flavour. Ancient Indonesians believed that eating the fruit would cause body secretions to take on a perfume similar to that of Violets, and was reserved for only the highest classes. An attractive feature of this tree is the flush of pink new growth that occurs twice a year
Persimmon – Fuyu
Plum x Apricot
Plum x Nectarine
Rambutan- Vivid red fruit covered in hairy spikes which has a sweet flesh with a mild acid flavour, which is very refreshing.
Rollinia/ brazillian custard apple
Sapodilla/ chiku
Soursop- very effective for fighting cancers. 10,000 times stronger than Chemo
Star apple- grafted
Star Fruit:- grafted
Star gooseberry
Salak/snake fruit
Tahitian Lime
Vanilla orchid plant
Information on growing a specific plant will be provided.
I am open from 9:30 am-5 pm on Saturday and Sunday. Weekdays I’m open by appointments only.
Please call 041 3 zero 6 two 856 for more details. Thank you for visiting my ad.