Exotic Tropical Fruit Trees and Plants in BULL CREEK, Western Australia for sale

Exotic Tropical Fruit Trees and Plants
Exotic Tropical Fruit Trees and Plants
Exotic Tropical Fruit Trees and Plants
Exotic Tropical Fruit Trees and Plants

Hi I have quite a good collection of fruit trees available for sale:
Acerola Cherry
Avocado-dwarf grafted
Black pepper vine-piper nigrum: grow your own pepper corns
Chocolate pudding/ Black sapote -Grafted
Calamondin/calamansi- asian lime
Custard apple- grafted-african pride
Dwarf coconut palm
Dwarf custard apple- small tree, heavy bearer, fruits are of excellent quality
Dwarf Coffee
Dwarf Lemon
Dwarf lime
Dwarf orange
Dwarf mandarin
Dwarf kaffir lime
Dwarf Red Shahtoot Mulberry, white shahtoot mulberry, white mulberry
Dwarf Grafted Mangoes- small tree, bearing full-size mangoes, heavy bearer, perfect for pots and small gardens.
Finger Lime
Ice-cream bean plant
Guava (Indian Guava variety): white flesh, large and sweet
Guava-Straw Berry Guava
Neem Tree
Miniature pear trees grow to only 1.5m, excellent for pots and small gardens
Tahitian Lime
Kaffir Lime
Grape Fruit
Rollinia/ brazillian custard apple
Pandan- Fragant Leaves used for flavouring in asian cooking
Peanut Tree
Peanut Butter tree: small tree, beautiful yellow flowers, the red fruit tastes very much like peanut butter hence it is named peanut butter tree
Perfume fruit:is a very rare and endangered tree from South East Asia. eacting this fruit makes your body smell like violet flowers
Pomelo: similar to grapefruit but a lot larger and sweeter
Pawpaw : self fertile
Persimmon – Fuyu
Lady finger banana
Longan (Marcotted)
Lychee- marcotted
Miracle fruit
Mangoes -grafted- with different varieties
Macamadia nut tree-grafted
Sapodilla/ chiku
Sugar Apple
Star Fruit:- grafted
Star apple- grafted
Soursop- very effective for fighting cancers. 10,000 times stronger than Chemo
Star gooseberry
Vanilla orchid plant :The fermented pod of this climbing orchid is harvested for vanilin, an aromatic sweet scents used to flavour cakes, and perfumes
Wampee: This subtropical fruit tree is native to China where the fruit is highly
regarded. The yellow skinned fruit grows in grape-like clusters. The flesh is very sweet and pleasantly aromatic
Ylang Ylang:This tropical tree, native to SE Asia is very popular for its heavenly scented flowers and weeping branches. The Extremely fragant green yellow flowers first appear in early autumn, gradually changing to orange over their long flowering season. (Cananga odorata) has a sweet, soft, flowery fragrance that has made it a romantic favourite.
Information on growing a specific plant will be provided.
I am open from 9am-5:30 pm on Saturday and Sunday. Weekdays i'm open by appointments only
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