Scrabble MATTEL Original English in BULL CREEK, Western Australia for sale

Scrabble MATTEL Original English
Scrabble MATTEL Original English
Scrabble MATTEL Original English

Every word counts when you are playing the world's most popular word game.
It's a richly rewarding, yet simple game. Ideal for the excitement of a head to head challenge or to relax with family and friends. SCRABBLE is fascinating, mind sharping entertainment every time you play, so...pick your letters...rack your brains...try to make the most of a Triple World score.
1. Pick seven letters from the bag and see what words you can make by crossing words already on the board.
2. Try to make the most of the premium squares on the board and add up the scores on the letters.
3. At the end of the game the highest score wins.
* 4 Racks
* 100 Letter tiles
* Cotton tile bag
* Rules sheet
* Playing board
Ages: 10 years & up
Players: 2-4
Package Size: approx. 27 x 37 x 5 cm
Brand New and Still in Box
Please text or email if interested